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Eating well never tasted this good

We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between the foods you love and the nutrition you need. With over 150 recipes across our six wrap flavors, you can transform your favorite foods with a simple swap and meet your nutritional goals without compromise.

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egglife flavor

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breakfast quesadilla

breakfast quesadilla

garden salsa

2 garden salsa egglife® wraps

2 eggs

¼ cup black beans, rinsed and drained

¼ cup shredded cheddar cheese

salt & pepper

optional: jalapenos, cherry tomatoes, guacamole

turkey bacon club

turkey bacon club

everything bagel

[.feature]1[.feature] everything bagel egglife® wrap

[.feature]2[.feature] turkey slices, reduced-sodium

[.feature]1[.feature] bacon slice, reduced-sodium

[.feature]2[.feature] tomato slices

[.feature]1/8[.feature] cup spinach

[.feature]1[.feature] tbsp mayonnaise

pasta with homemade bolognese

pasta with homemade bolognese


[.feature]2[.feature] packs original egglife® wraps

[.feature]1[.feature] lb ground beef

[.feature]24[.feature] oz jar marinara sauce

[.feature]1[.feature] onion, minced1 large carrot, minced

[.feature]1[.feature] stalk of celery, minced

[.feature]2[.feature] garlic cloves, minced

[.feature]2[.feature] tbsp fresh parsley, chopped

[.feature]1[.feature] tsp Italian seasoning

[.feature]2-3[.feature] tbsp olive oil

salt & pepper to taste

parmesan cheese to taste

peanut butter & banana sushi bites

peanut butter & banana sushi bites

sweet cinnamon

[.feature]1[.feature] sweet cinnamon egglife® wrap

[.feature]2[.feature] tbsp peanut butter

[.feature]1[.feature] medium banana

[.feature]2[.feature] tsp honey

personal pepperoni pizza

personal pepperoni pizza


[.feature]1[.feature] italian egglife® wrap

[.feature]2[.feature] tbsp pizza sauce

[.feature]¼[.feature] cup shredded cheese

[.feature]5-6[.feature] pepperoni slices

optional: garnish with red pepper flakes and fresh basil

almond butter and jelly roll-up

almond butter and jelly roll-up


original egglife® wrap

Your favorite almond or peanut butter

Your favorite jelly

lemon flower tarts

lemon flower tarts


4 original egglife® wraps

⅓ cup lemon curd jam

avocado oil spray 

keto-friendly powdered sugar substitute, to taste

baked asparagus roll-ups

baked asparagus roll-ups


1 pack italian egglife® wraps

¾ cup gruyere, shredded

1 bushel asparagus, trimmed 

1 egg

avocado oil spray

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