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The perfect protein

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Egg whites are the ultimate protein for every body

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One of the top proteins with the highest protein quality scores, ranking above whey, chicken, soy, pea, and other plant proteins on DIAAS.*

zero milligrams of cholesterol

Naturally high in protein and close to zero carbs and fats, keeping them free of cholesterol.

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The necessary nine

Every human body needs amino acids (protein building blocks) to carry out a host of important functions including protein synthesis - the creation of proteins within the body to maintain optimal health, growth, development, and function throughout life.1

Luckily, our body produces amino acids on its own — with the exception of essential amino acids (the necessary nine). The only way our body gets them is through the food we consume.2



















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Egg white protein contains 18 amino acids in total

Including every single one of the necessary
nine.3  Without these nine essential amino acids, the protein synthesis our body needs to perform becomes impossible.

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Not all proteins are created equal

Protein quality - how well the body is able to use a protein - can be assessed based on the amino acid composition, how well it matches the body requirements, and how easy it is to digest.4

Egg white protein has all the nine essential amino acids the body needs and it’s highly digestible, making it one of the protein sources with the highest protein quality score according to multiple protein quality rating methods.5-8

Egg white protein contains amino acids important for muscle growth and maintenance like leucine, lysine, and methionine, which are typically present in lower quantities or deficient in other protein sources like plant proteins.6, 27, 28

Power beyond nutrition

Egg white protein is actually a group of 150+ individual proteins working together to give egg white its unique nutritional and functional properties.12  Many egg white proteins can provide benefits beyond fulfilling nutritional requirements that can be important for human health and disease prevention.9-11

Research studies have reported that egg white proteins and their components (protein fragments called peptides) can exhibit antioxidant, antihypertensive, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, immunomodulatory, anticancer, and antimicrobial activities as well as ability to improve bone health.15-23

These properties are possible not only due to the amino acid composition present in egg white but how they are particularly sequenced within each protein.13, 14

Why prioritize protein

Every cell in the human body contains protein, meaning it’s critical for our bodies to:4

  • Build healthy tissue
  • Produce energy
  • Regenerate cells to recover from injury or bodily stress
  • Promote muscle growth and maintenance
  • Support cognition and mental performance
  • Enhance immunity

That’s why eating patterns that prioritize protein have been known to:1, 31-37

  • Develop better muscle mass and increase strength
  • Improve bone health and maintain bone density
  • Increase satiety and reduced food intake
  • Boost metabolism to increase calorie burn at rest
  • Promote weight loss and prevent weight regain after weight loss
  • Support creation and maintenance of lean body mass
  • Prevent obesity and obesity-related diseases, such as metabolic syndrome, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases
  • Foster healthy aging by reducing age-related muscle atrophy
  • Support repair and regeneration after stress or injury

Pack your plate with the perfect protein

egglife wraps are made of 95% egg whites.

1 egglife wrap delivers 10% of your daily protein value. The FDA recommendation for daily protein intake is 50 grams on a 2,000-calorie diet.

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