setting up your year for success–5 tips from registered dietitians

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Mackenzie Burgess, RDN
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Mackenzie Burgess, RDN

The new year can feel overwhelming with daunting resolutions and goals. While it’s helpful to have goals in place, it’s the daily steps towards these goals that matters most. Start small and work your way up. For example, if you have a goal of eating more protein throughout the day, start by adding a protein source into a snack, like turkey wraps or banana sushi bites. Then slowly progress to adding a protein source to all meals and snacks.

Achieving your goals doesn’t have to feel like you’re giving everything up either. It’s all about balance and finding healthy swaps that work for you. For example, egglife egg white wraps are a great way to add protein and limit your carbs in  your favorite foods like pizza, crepes, and chips, without compromising on flavor.

Here are 5 dietitian-approved ideas to set your year up for success.

  1. Make Your Goals Smart

You might have heard the term “SMART goals” before but what does that mean? It means making your goals specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time based. Once you’ve created these personalized goals, write them down so you can look back on your progress.

  1. Pair Carbs with Protein, Fat, and Fiber

Amanda Ciprich, RD, shares that “adding blood sugar stabilizing nutrients like fats, proteins, and fiber can offset blood sugar spikes from carbohydrates. Asking yourself ‘what foods can I add’ to stabilize your blood sugar is more sustainable long-term rather than restricting or eliminating carbohydrates from your diet.”

Try balanced butternut feta crunch wraps or quick-and-easy apple roll ups!

  1. Unfollow Accounts That Don’t Serve You

Take a look at the social media accounts you follow. Pay close attention to any that leave you constantly comparing or feeling bad about your body and unfollow these accounts. Instead, follow accounts that promote empowering education and inspiration for a happy, healthy body.

  1. Try Preparing Meals Ahead of Time

Meal prepping can be especially great for individuals with a busy schedule throughout the work week. It can be helpful to set aside time on the weekend or a slower day to create a handful of meals and snacks. Some great ideas are grab-and-go energy bites, prepped grain bowls, or egglife enchiladas.

  1. Eat More Mindfully

Mindful eating is helpful because it allows you to tune into your hunger and fullness more. To eat more mindfully, reflect on your current hunger level, avoid distractions like TV or work, and tune in to your taste buds to be more present.

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