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Egglife Foods and HATCH Partner to Make Eggs Accessible to Food Insecure Communities

March 9, 2023

In a growing collaboration with HATCH, Egglife is committed to helping food banks across the country increase refrigeration space and quality protein options

CHICAGO, March 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Egglife Foods, Inc., a Chicago-based innovator harnessing the power of eggs to disrupt the food industry with simple and nutritious egg white wraps, has announced a partnership with Indiana-based HATCH for Hunger (HATCH). HATCH works to provide eggs and egg products to food banks nationwide and recently started an initiative, in a joint venture with the American Egg Board, to provide food banks with coolers to increase their refrigeration capacity.

HATCH and Egglife are committed to helping food banks across the country increase refrigeration space and quality protein options.
HATCH and Egglife are committed to helping food banks across the country increase refrigeration space and quality protein options.

The initiative between HATCH and Egglife is a natural fit, as they work together to provide food-insecure families with protein-packed egglife egg white wraps and the refrigeration space required for safe storage.

"HATCH aligns with our purpose of reimagining the future of food and through this partnership, we're looking to make an impact in people's lives with protein-packed meals fueled by the power of innovation and eggs," said Andrea Schwenk, Chief Marketing Officer of Egglife. "This partnership will take meaningful steps to alleviate the stress food insecurity brings to people across the nation, especially those with dietary constraints."

In 2022, HATCH announced the donation of six refrigerators to food banks across the state of Indiana and provided over 30 million meals to food-insecure families across the nation. The organization hopes to increase that total to 300 million meals by 2027.

"We have aggressive growth goals, and we share that same drive, innovation, and focus on helping people gain access to fresh protein options with egglife," said Danny Leckie, Executive Director of HATCH. "We believe that the path to food security is fueled by eggs and all they offer. It's not just about providing people with food, it's about the right food. That's where egglife fits in."

Over the recent holidays, HATCH purchased egglife wraps for families in need. By mid-January, the first 18,000 egglife wraps were delivered to North Texas Food Bank.

"We simply could not do what we do in the fight against hunger without the support of organizations like HATCH and Egglife," said Maurice Wilson II, Chief Operating Officer for the North Texas Food Bank. "Their generosity helps advance our mission of bridging the hunger gap in North Texas during this critical time and beyond. This donation means more food on the table and more hope for a better tomorrow for the nearly 700,000 North Texans facing hunger."

HATCH and Egglife will continue to work together to build partnerships with food banks across the country in an effort to provide coolers and readily accessible, fresh protein options to those in need. The two groups were connected through Rose Acre Farms, Inc., an industry leader in egg production with 15 facilities across 7 states that also generously donates to HATCH. The family-owned company, known as The Good Egg People, is dedicated to the production of shell eggs and egg products while protecting animal health and welfare.

About Egglife Foods, Inc.

As a leader in modern nutrition, Egglife Foods is reimagining the future of food by harnessing the power of eggs to transform traditionally flour-based foods. The company, currently poised to be the next big category disruptor in the CPG industry, was created in 2017, motivated by a desire to champion better wellness without sacrificing taste. egglife® egg white wraps, the company's debut product, are made using patented technology that converts liquid egg to solid matter, resulting in a protein-packed tortilla-style wrap free of sugar, fat, and gluten. Unlike the competition, egglife is the only wrap to deliver a trifecta of what consumers are looking for in a better-for-you wrap; taste, versatility and nutrition. egglife egg white wraps are The Perfect Wrap® for consumers looking for a versatile, gluten-free, low-carb, protein-packed option. The wraps are available in five flavors – original, southwest, everything bagel, italian and sweet cinnamon. All of egglife's wraps are cleverly crafted at their very own manufacturing facility in Wolcott, Indiana. More information is available at

About HATCH for Hunger

Launched in 2015, HATCH delivered 60,000 dozen eggs to food banks and pantries around the Indianapolis area. Today, HATCH delivers nearly 750,000 dozen eggs each month throughout the country. It is the goal of HATCH to sustainably deliver 300,000,000 protein-rich meals to hunger relief organizations by 2027, providing better nutrition, a better diet, and better health and well-being to children and adults, creating generational change in local communities. For more information, visit


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