Break Up with Flour

We know, we know.  Bread is delicious.  Pasta is delicious.  We love our carbs as much as you do.  But flour-based foods don’t necessarily love us back. 

Flour-based foods are quite high on the glycemic index, which is a fancy way of saying that they are among the foods most likely to spike our blood sugars mighty quickly. But what goes up must come down, and blood sugar spikes are often followed by crashes, leaving us craving …. more carbs.  What’s more is that diets high in refined carbohydrates, among which most flours are counted, are associated with increased risk of heart disease (not to mention fatty liver and Type 2 diabetes) compared to diets lower in these foods.

And it’s not just white flour: even some foods made with whole grain flours, like packaged breads and cereals, can have a dramatic and rapid effect on blood sugar levels. 

So let’s recap. While flour, and the foods made from it, satisfy us in the short run, they often leave us hungry, unsatisfied and overcome by cravings just a short while later.  Flour threatens to literally break our hearts if we become too dependent on it (dietarily speaking). Not exactly the healthiest relationship.  If flour were a person and your best friend was telling you about this relationship … wouldn’t you suggest that maybe it was time to break up with flour?  Or at least see a little bit less of each other? 

Oh … but can anything truly substitute for the pleasure of a fully loaded sandwich?  A satisfying dessert? 

Yes.  Yes it can.  egglife products are made by passionate carb lovers who figured out how to hack a protein-packed, perfectly simple egg into a super well-textured, delightfully flavored alternative to foods we love that don’t always love us back.   Check out all the recipes from egglife for gluten free living, from Paleo diet to the Keto diet, -inspired, Diabetic diet and so much more. These lower carb wraps will be sure to make you forget you ever met flour to begin with!

If you’re ready to break up with flour, we hope you’ll make egglife your rebound relationship.