Did you know that eggs are the latest, red carpet arrival to the A-list of Superfoods?  That’s right, that little unassuming egg has some serious nutritional star power. Whether you’re scrambling one up for breakfast eggs or making a sandwich with an egg white wrap, you can feel good about getting your daily dose of egg!


Here are 5 great reasons to eat an egg today!


  1. Support your Immunity: Eggs are one of the most nutritious sources found in nature to contain multiple bioactive components that can be important for human health.  Additionally, research has shown that certain proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals found in eggs may provide anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, anti-hypertensive, and anti-cancer properties!  Whoa!  That’s a mouthful.
  1. Strengthen your Muscles: Egg white proteins contain leucine and other essential amino acids that are crucial building blocks that help support muscle maintenance, repair, and growth, providing strength and improved muscle functioning in people of all ages. Here’s to the mighty egg!
  1. Energize! Research suggests that egg proteins may provide energy without causing a surge in blood sugar and insulin in the body, which can help avoid the rebound drop in glucose levels that can lead to fatigue and lack of energy. Egg Power!
  1. Feel Fuller Longer! Research suggests that egg white proteins are absorbed at a slower rate than other protein sources (i.e., whey protein) which may help increase satiety, decrease feelings of hunger, and regulate appetite.  Bon appetite!
  1. Get your Vitamin D! Vitamin D is found in very few foods. It can be found in fatty fish, dairy products … and, of course, egg yolks! Vitamin D plays an important role in the absorption of calcium and the immune system’s defense against diseases.  Eggs are D-licious!

Not only are eggs delicious and versatile, they are a great way to stay healthy, strong, fit, and satiated. 

If you want to get a fresh twist on getting eggs in your diet, try some of these simple, delicious mealtime wrap recipes made with egglife wraps:


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